Permission to Heal

Permission to Heal Episode #41 - A Conversation with Victoria Rader, Find your spiritual shortcut.

August 18, 2021 Marci Brockmann Season 1 Episode 41
Permission to Heal
Permission to Heal Episode #41 - A Conversation with Victoria Rader, Find your spiritual shortcut.
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Victoria Rader talks healing through finding our spiritual shortcuts. 

We suffer much more than we have to because we tend to get stuck in patterns that are motivated by our scared selves. We create so many more hardships because our body experience yearns for suffering. While 'light experience' yearns for joy. So there is this matter/ light tension where we ask ourselves 'Have I suffered enough to deserve the joy?'

So if we talk about a shortcut, it's that permission to live from the place of joy without constantly justifying it by suffering. When you are guided by your sacred self, you shortcut all of those scared self patterns.

You're worthy of the joy. You're worthy of living that without going through pain, sweat and tears, and suffering. You are worthy just because you are.

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Welcome, Victoria. Thank you. I'm fabulous. I'm thrilled to be here and grateful to be talking to you and your listeners.

Thank you.  I'm glad we, we got this together. Finally. I think we were sort of jocking. Position for a bit, or maybe that was just in my own head. I don't know we were divinely scheduled. There you go. I like that too. That only scheduled. It was the way the universe intended. Yeah. You betcha. Despite our best efforts to upset it, it's still happened exactly the way it's meant.

I love that I'm going to adopt that from now. Go for it. That's awesome. That's awesome. So you are a possibility coach, a transformational speaker. What is a possibility coach? I've never heard it phrased in quite that way. That's a fantastic question. Neither have I until, I have, I have I, until I have been guided to do that, you don't want a publicist said, Hey.

You do so many things, it doesn't help marketing. You have a brand, what is it that you do? So I share a story, very openly vulnerably. I just went to a couple social platforms where I have my clients and I said, Hey guys, when you refer me out, what do you tell other people that I do? And, you know, we were very blessed within a day.

We had over a hundred replies and there was one theme that just stood out.  You know, clarity in over 80% of those, which was, I didn't think it was possible for me to dig out from this huge debt. And now I'm running a multimillion dollar business that anything was possible for me to be happy.

And now I'm in a sole partner relationship or, you know, I didn't think it was possible for me to live with a stage four cancer. And here I am. And it's just, and I have children's I say that because it just came so clear that, okay, this is what I do. I find what you currently believe is impossible. I connect you to your divine potential.

We free it together. And you turn what you thought was impossible to two possible, probable and profitable, you know, from one Peter three P's possible probable and profitable. Yeah. It's beautiful and alliterative. Wow. I have chills just thinking about that. That's awesome. And that really touches every aspect of everyone's life.

It does. And when you look at the word, impossible going forward is just a reminder that even in the ward itself, as I am possible. Right. So if you look at something that's impossible, you say that's okay, but I impossible and I'm going to make it work. That's beautiful. Thank you. I'm here all day language.

I'm going to write that down, right? No. Oh, wow. I always take notes while I'm doing a podcast. I don't know if I'm supposed to or not, but that's the way I do it. I just learned so much from my guests  I'm grateful for all of you. It's awesome. Okay. So let's just get started with the six quick questions and then that will lead us where we need to go.

So what six words would you use to describe yourself? Divine soul wife. That is one. Okay. Wife, mother, and then passionate, purposeful and loving. Beautiful. Excellent. What is your favorite way to spend a day? In the ideal universe, I would wake up and, parts of it is ideal in universal, already. Parts of it are on a wishlist.

I wake up, I meditate. I study the, some of the sacred writings.  Then I write some, I love to play tennis. I, yeah. Love my zoo. I have three dogs and a cat, so I'll always spend some time with them and just, I love working. I love doing what I do. I love traveling. So on that ideal day, I would be somewhere learning something, paying from someone.

Awesome. Yeah. I can't think of very many things better than learning new things from people you respect and care about. You know, that's pretty awesome. And we have a bit of a zoo here. We've got four cats and seven fish tanks worth of fish. Yes. Yes. My soul sister, we shall be sharing a room in one of those institutions.

My husband's breeding guppies, trying to breed.  Angel fish, although they're very stubborn and they tend to eat their new fry, which is very infuriated. They're more like fallen angels. Oh my God. And we had a couple of deaths in the last week, which wasn't so great. And, and he, he happened to fall into.

Evidently breeding snails. He bought a few and we turn around a week later and there are more snails and more snails and they're just taking over. So now he's taken them and moved them to all the other tanks and they eat all of the icky stuff, you know? So you're creating it. You're creating an ecosystem, like real complete, complete ecosystem plants.

Yeah. Yeah. That changes the nitrogen cycle. And then he's got the, you know, the bottom feeders. And so that changes the way the, the, the, the, the frequency upon which he needs to do water changes and so on. He's got it down to a science. That's pretty grazing if he's okay. He's researching the genetics of guppies, trying to create new colors by mating different, different looking ones and fin patterns and colors.

I don't, it's all beyond me. English teacher brain, but he's having a very, oh no, no, you can describe it beautifully. Yeah. Making, you know, your make a great team sounds like, right. I can't, I don't want to actually be the one having to figure out the Punnett square. The epigenetics we'll leave the genetics to him.

Yes. That's his thing. But but they're fun to watch. Oops. And the cats are really good with them. Surprisingly, they, they watch them like their videos. They don't try to get in, which is always a good thing. Oh, neat. Wouldn't want that. Okay. So question number three. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Hmm. Favorite childhood memory. You know, it's interesting. I think minor things far mind, I guess, a major things for our memory.  I grew up in a Soviet union and little things were huge things when you have to stand in line for toilet paper. Right? So my dad, towards the end, towards the fall of the Soviet union, my dad kind of took a very.

He huge integrity stand. He was an editor in chief for one of the newspapers. And when Chernobyl happened, the big nuclear nuclear explosion, he was asked, he was asked to go and report that it was safe. And so he went there, came back and was throwing up and said, I can't do such a thing. It's clearly not safe.

And so we kind of lost, you know, everything. And fascinating thing was without going into all the details as a result of that, of Integris step, he got to go to us in, I'm trying to remember 1986 shorts, 87, maybe shortly after the explosion, when everything was coming to the surface, you know, with freedom of speech and so forth.

And he was invited on this very small delegation of journalists of integrity. And when he came back, he brought m&ms. And so the memory. My first time being on the NAMS. And then it was this out of this world experience of colored. What I've come to become probably pretty bad for your health, plastic covered candy.

But at that point, the joy was just beyond and beyond. It was probably one of the most, and it's silly. It's silly that it came to mind. I kind of went with whatever came and this is what. I love him. I kind of tell myself that the peanut M and M's at least have protein in them, so they're not all bad.

There you go. We eat nuts. It's one of the health groups. Yes. Right? Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Wow. So that's, you could probably do a book about your experience. I have bunch written a button. Wow. About your life there. The one book that was called until you win, and that's the eight secrets to winning the race of life.

And I shared little steps that were happening there as experiences, you know, that were kind of guiding to overcoming and learning principles of success. So, yeah. Yeah, I'm going to have to read that. Wait, wait for the one I'm writing now. Hold it, hold it. That was a baby book. Haven't you experienced that when you create, write something or you create a program and then a year or two, five later you look and you go like, oh, this is what I thought, how interesting, you know, because as we grow better now, Yeah, but it's beautiful.

It's a beautiful memory of where my mind and my world was at that point. Having grown up in New York. I can't imagine not having had an M and M until 1986 was the year I graduated high school. So, I mean, I had M and M's my whole life. There you go. See joy, no excuses for being upset.

That's it. If you had ever made.

And now they have so many different kinds with pretzels and peanuts and dark chocolate and white chocolate. I don't like white chocolate though, but they have all sorts of options. Okay.  Speaking of food, number four. What is your favorite meal? Sushi, but that was quick. Awesome. Kind of sushi or.

Most sushi. I think I go through favorites, you know, I'll go through Spider-Man or, but I just, you know, yellow tail, but I kinda liked sushi. I did. Speaking of New York is the first time I've ever tried was when we had a huge, huge out of what, what year was that? 1995, I guess. So 96, January of 1996, maybe.

When that was this huge snow storm in New York where everything just, there was no movement of, you know, of any kind. My husband happened to be trying a case there. It was a federal judge. He stepped down as a state judge and was invited because the case was very difficult. And so we got to be in this new.

That was frozen and quiet. And the only places you could go to were in walking distance for those couple of days. And so he had a Japanese client who introduced him to sushi, and that was my first time having sushi. And I just loved it. And it's, it's become a family tradition. Every Sunday. I have my family come over, my parents, my brother and his wife.

And whenever my kids are in the area and we just always, it's our sushi son. Sushi Sunday. I love the yeah. Yeah. I love sushi too. I tuna yellow tail. I don't care. I just love it all. It's my never tried to make my own, although my stepdaughter has with the kids, with my grandkids and, uh, but I just I don't know.

I'd rather just have somebody else make it's part of the enjoyment. Not having to do it myself. I believe that I'm the same way. Yep. And there's one of the Japanese restaurants near here that we frequent has, they call it a Jiechi salad. It's it's like seaweed salad, but it's black seaweed that evidently takes, I don't know, like 36 hours to make or something.

And like, it has to sit and ruminate in itself. I know no idea what's in it. It looks disgusting, but the tastes so delicious have to not look. Yeah, you. No, it's all good. All good. All right. Number five. What one piece of advice would you like to give your younger self?

Take a chill pill,

things that seem to matter, you know, at the moment really don't, it's kinda kind of trusting more and stressing less. That's great advice. That's great advice. My, my husband has this, this theory or a philosophy in life. If the thing that you're upset about, isn't going to bother you in five weeks or five months or five years.

Why bother about it now? You know, just handle it, get it, get it, get it done with and move on.  So, so I frequently asked myself while I'm getting upset about some. Is this going to bother me in five months? Am I even going to remember it? And the answer's usually no, and it diffuses all the volatility.

That's a great, great advice. Excellent. Number six. What is one thing you would most like to change about the world? Always the world changes as I change myself. There is no other way. That's a beautiful answer, Victoria. Nobody has said that before. I never even thought about that. And I'm all about giving myself internal permission to do things and it didn't occur to me to answer that question that way.

I'm glad. I'm glad I could contribute. I just happened to believe it, soul heartedly and full-heartedly, that's totally true. You have to start with yourself. This is the only thing that you can actually effect change on. We're rolling. The irony is you also finish, you know, it's, it's, it's been the most glorious journey of realization.

You know, I kinda the one teaching, I go back to that, I've come to. Develop and love is that notice, which you know, it is because what you notice is what you create. And I've learned that you can only allow yourself to notice what you notice. If you remove all judgment of yourself, if you just leave room for love, and then you notice what you notice, and then you can shift your notice, you know, and then you can align yourself with better things.

And, and if every one of us does that, the world has no choice, but to change because I can't change you. I can't even change in Guppy fish.

your husband can create an environment for that to happen and changes either happen or not. But exactly, exactly. I actually took that quote, it's in my notes here, right off of your website. Notice what you notice, because what you notice, you create, create possibilities. And I, and I think I understand that, but I feel like.

It's much deeper than I'm even aware of at this very moment. I find that to be the underlying. Uh, principle of all creation of our life. You think, you know, because we often start with, if you look at people that teach law of attraction or manifestation, they always start with what is it that you want, but we don't get in life.

What do we want? Jim Rohn said, ride, we get in life who we are. And so we can think we want things. And we focus on our 15 minute visualization. Okay. You know, simple principle. I'm going to visualize the car. It's a new car. It's a new smell. I'm driving it. I'm loving it. It's so good. It starts so beautifully.

Okay. Visualization is done. Then I come outside and the person that lives next door to me is driving that very car. So I need to notice how I noticed that.  Am I happy for them? Or am I jealous because whatever it is, how I notice and what I see is what I create. So if I'm upset that they have the car and I still don't, I've postponed that car for myself.

And so it's just, you know, it's, it's kind of a, it's kind of a awareness before alignment and action. We first become aware in order to be aligned with what we want and then act on it. And I find that the biggest gap between people. Wanting things. And having things is a lack of awareness from where they're creating.

They don't notice what they notice. You know, they, they talk about, well, nobody understands me. Well, that means you notice that you notice that people are not understanding you. And then while you notice it, the more you express it and the more it's expressed back in your life. So, if you just say, okay, today, I'm going to pay attention to one person.

I'm going to find that one person that understood me fully and completely you notice that person next day, they're two and a week later, you say, wait a minute. I'm so easily understood what happened. Right? What did you fundamentally shift or change within yourself to bring that about? Yeah. Interesting.

Yeah. Interesting. When I look at other people.  You know, anybody that I would know or meet or come across, I don't, I don't very often or ever really feel jealous that they have something or doing something that I want to do or that I covet, but I use their tools, their knowledge. I emulate what they've done to try to learn a new skill and bring myself closer to that.

You know, and I, I don't know that that's the right way to do it either, but You know, it seems to be helping, you know, I, I'm trying to remember. I think a John Maxwell that started this whole principle of we are the average of five people around us. So, you know, for either a marriage or for money, if you want to, if you want to see what your average for money is, who are your five money people in your life, you will have the average of what they have.

So that principle of emulation is huge because once again, as you make it easier, To notice things you want to inspire aspire to, then you make them accessible to you and you can reach for them. So I think it's you know, it's modeling is a fantastic, fantastic way of creating. And I took that from my teaching practice.

You know, if I want my, I teach high school, English 11th and 12th grade high school English. And so if I want them to. I mean, even something simple, like writing an introductory paragraph of an essay, I model what they want them to do with an example, and then let them use that model to create something on their own.

And so I kind of have been using that as a Mo using the model as a model to, to create my own reality here, you know, with my books and art and the things that I'm trying to do. So. Interesting and lucky to have you. I think so. I think so, too. So as a possibility coach, who are your ideal clients, what kinds of people gravitate towards, towards this, this kind of assistance?

Yeah. You know, it was interesting for me trying to answer that question because I've helped different ages, different genders, different walks in life, but the ideal person is the person that wants to change and wants help. And really wants to reach their highest potential. I had an opportunity. I don't know whether you've heard of him.

Had an opportunity to be coached for few months as individual coach by Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor is the guy from the secret. You know, and yeah, I've read that, but I didn't recognize the name, but, okay. Yeah. And so he, he. They have kind of a coaching system that he was trying to have me implement and, and sell for them, which was fascinating system.

And I loved it, but just was not aligned with my path, but I got to have sessions with him and said individually and out of those sessions, I think, you know, the price ticket was very, very high for that luxury. But it was all worth it to me for this one principle that he taught me. He said, you know, you have so much to offer.

So make sure you go where you wanted, not just where you're needed. And I think he has saved me years of effort because naturally. All of us have something to offer and we are so willing to offer our bets. It's all about finding people that are willing to receive what we have to offer. Right. And I know what I offer as a possibility.

And I also know that not everybody is seeking to maximize their possibility. So it's like. I'm naturally wired to try to put a life on the, in a dead fish. You know, here's a fish on the shore. Let's just breathe it to it. You can do it. You can do it fishes, like just want to be dead now, you know? So, so I had, I just had to learn that.

Okay. Okay. Tate and neither shoe dye and, and it was a yeah. You know, jokes aside was such a huge shift for me that I can honestly say I've had a luxury of having absolutely incredible clients and students because they all share one thing in common. They want to reach their highest potential in the shortest possible time.

So that would be the ideal clients, somebody who is seeking to reach the highest potential. And that's of course, none going on process. Using all of the possible shortcuts of both conscious and subconscious mind, because some people still believe they have to do it the hard way. And we have to honor pupil's beliefs.

That's one of those laws of the universe free agency. Well, but there, from, from my own experience, there's no such thing as a shortcut that you can't do anything quickly. You know, you want to build a business that you can't just add water and stir and have it show up the next day. There's a lot of. Blood, sweat and tears, a lot of learning and, and growth that has to happen in between.

For some things it's very true. For subconscious programming, it can be instantaneous and then the results and the shifts can also be instantaneous. So there's, there are two things that were coinciding with ride. The energy implementation is instantaneous, but the physical reality has to. Respond to the physical laws.

So when I witnessed a healing on a physical level, I witnessed the healing instantaneously, and then it happens to take the number of hours, days, or weeks that the cell cells within the body need to respond physically. So that principle of both instantaneous energy, reality, and continual physical reality.

Is in this constant tension and balance. So yes, I can't move from here to, you know, England in a blink of an eye. Right. I, I have to get, buy a ticket to the plane I have to get on and I have to fly. Teleportation would be amazing and it is possible for as possible for our consciousness. Right. So I can go and scan the area now and I train it.

Particular skill. So what mind can do and what buddy can do are two different things. So the shortcut is the gap between the two that your body is learning to start moving closer to the pace of the mind versus your mind, slowing down to accommodate to the pace of your body. That is the short. That is truly the definition of a shortcut.

Who is the driving force? Is that the light that you are, or the matter that you are? I definitely think it's the light, right. But if it's the matter, then we create so many more hardships because our body experience yearns for suffering. Wildlight experience yearns for joy. And so it's this tension. Have I suffered enough to deserve the joy?

I don't think so. I don't think I'm deserving. So I'm going to create a little bit more. Okay. Now I've justified it, you know, and it's this, it's a powerful tension between the two. So if we talk about a shortcut, it's that permission to live from the place of joy without constantly justifying it by suffering.

So, so you're worthy of the joy. You're worthy of living that without having gone through the pain and sweat and tears and suffering in order to do it. And repeating it over and over and over and over again. One time is plenty. So I tell my clients on an intake session, one time a splint, you got this, you got this story.

Let's learn from it. Instead of repeat it year after year after year after year, which a lot of us do. Yeah. I see myself doing that too, to a certain extent and, and have had, I've had these Epiphanes where. I feel like I'm doing the right thing. And then I realized that it's a very unhealthy, like puritanical work ethic thing that really has no basis in, in what my reality is.

And so I have to like fine tune all of that out of my process. But it's interesting. I hadn't actually thought of it in that particular way before. Victoria it's possible just showing possibilities. Really. Wow. Okay. So, so the key components then of your advice, your help, your stewardship, your, your possibility coaching meets people where they are and what they need based on.

Where they want to go or what they want in their life to, to be possible. Right? So each, each sort of redundant, I don't even know why I'm saying this this way, but each interaction with a client is obviously unique because you're giving that client what he or she is missing in there possible. It's it's true.

 I also find that there are patterns, right? While the souls that you need, the patterns are repetitive. So because of that, I have, several programs that have been a wonderful subscription program. It's called quantum freedom and it's yeah. This is a group of people that are at a certain level of personal growth and development.

They want to get to that higher level. And so we study different works and we, I break it down by different guides. And what happens there is that the energy of the whole creates the program. And so when you, when you change the programming, you, when you change. Yeah. Call it the BS belief systems, right?

When you identify they're BS that no longer serves you, when you let go of that BS, you can bring some new, healthier, more whole paradigms and, and create from that place. And it's fascinating to me because you know, today of all this, I mentioned it to you a little bit before we talked. But serendipities and we were working on little ass, like the scared, you know, somebody asked, I said, I have troubles with commitment, you know, and of course I scanned the group and yeah.

Okay. The groups currently struggling with commitments. So. And this person said, you know, I just, I feel now that we've really identified the commitment here for the business call, I'm struggling. I feel a little bit guilty about all those commitments I haven't capped. And you know, the answer that came in was so I'm, I'm still digesting it for myself because it was so powerful because what I, what I've come to realize is that, oh, we always keep commitments.

It's just that who we keep a commitment with. And so when we don't keep a commitment with something with someone, it's because we're keeping the commitment with a scared self, there's a scared self inside, right. And we're committed to that scared self. And so the growth and the enlightenment lies in the shift of a commitment from committing from a scared self to a sacred.

You know that higher self. Wow. And that's sacred. And I jotted it down as it came through and I was blown away by simplicity and the power that, the difference between those two words, when you look at them scared and sacred, the letters, I just wrote it. They're just reversed. It's where C is. It's where the commitment is.

Right. It's where the sea is. Isn't it a, is it a mic drop? I mean, it's just in my heart and in my mind right now, which is why I'm like. And so we're talking about all of this that you're mentioning and in a nutshell, that's what that shortcut is that we're trying to describe. Right? You can continue going through every single, scared self, because we have many of them.

Sure. Or you can continually go to the light that you are and recommit to her or to him, you know, as it might be and live from that place of commitment. And that is what appears to the world as a shortcut, because when you are guided by that sacred self, you shortcut all of those scared solves patterns.

And you can get ahead by weeks, months, years. Yeah. Yeah, there were, there was a moment and you're right. It was a moment in the fall of 2015. When I realized that what I had visualized as my sacred self I'm using your words was scary to me. And. Without realizing it until after, because that's when we realized things, I was repeating the same scared self pattern.

I was making decisions based on scarcity, not Fulfillment not just gave me chills. Scarcity has scared self right lack. Wow. There we go. I'm ready. We're going to tell town, we're going to tell here, but, but I was, I was, I was going from toxic relationship to toxic relationship because I was not ready.

To embrace my sacred, worthy, lovable self. And I was still hiding behind that scared version of me that didn't feel worthy of love. And, and I kept trying to fill up my cup from the outside rather than from the inside. And when I realized that that's what I was doing, it was an epiphany. And then. Moment of, of mental awareness, took a split second.

And then there was a major pivot and I cleaned all of that toxic bullshit belief system, all of that BS out of my life. And since then have not looked back. So that totally, totally. Yeah, that's just spiritual shortcut. You took it.

Wow. That's pretty great. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You know, and that was you mentioning, you've mentioning, loving yourself. And I was actually I'm writing this book, which is writing itself through me. And I don't know what the name eventually will be, but right now it's F off marble I'm free and. What came with that whole thing is like in English language.

As for me, it's like third language. I speak you. I grew up speaking Russian and Ukrainian. And the gift there is that when you learn the language, you pay attention to idiots, you know, you pay attention to what the words mean. And I've noticed that in the, even the best of the personal growth and development, you know, circles, it's this whole movement of love yourself for who you are, you know, love yourself for who you are.

And it's fascinating to me because. I think that in itself prevents us loving ourselves as we are, because there are days when you, you can be somebody. So you are nobody. And it's those days where you need to be loved the most, but because we're trained to be loved for somebody or for being somebody or for doing something where this allowing love to ourselves as we.

Right. So I think when you open that whole thing of, okay, I can be loved as I am, instead of being loved for who I am or for what I'm doing. That's when the healings, that's what it becomes. I keep saying that in episodes over and over again, but it's. It's the same idea, you know, we deserve love and connection and belonging and all of that just for being just for our existence, just for the sake that you can draw breath into your lungs, you don't have to do anything else.

I am a highly sensitive person and my extroversion, my need for peopling, my need to be out in the world and interacting with people has its own limits and gets to a point where I like sensory overloaded and have to take a day. To just retreat into my own little world and I have to read or paint or draw or journal or meditate or, you know, any or all of those things. But I need a day of being quiet and not being the extrovert. So I always thought that I sort of struggled with introversion and extroversion, but that really was a very simplistic way of looking at it.

I just needed to like, sort of decompress. All of this, the sensory. And so that's part of accepting and loving and embracing my sacred self because I'm piecing all of these things together because I have to, it's my process, you know, it's how I'm wired to interact with the world. And so I used to feel bad about it.

Like on those days I was a Slav and I was unproductive and you know, to me, productivity used to be everything. And that if I didn't produce something, then it was a waste a day. And, and I've had this very significant shift in the last few months, really since the pandemic really. So it's probably been about a year and a half.

If I don't produce something, that's okay. It has nothing to do with my value or my worth. I could have a total slosh day and not be judgemental about it. You know, just accept it as part of who I am as a necessity for all of the other wonderful things that I do do. So I think that was an important shift for me as well.

So, and with sensitivity because you're sensitive to the exterior world, it has to be balanced by sensitivity to the internal world. That's all it is. It's seeking balance because the less sensitive you are the less need for balance because it is already balanced for you. So that's kind of, yeah, yeah.

Okay. So here's something else that I saw on your website that you authored. Yes, you don't code. You just create things and find I have a full team. So I created the content and I have a fantastic team that makes that contact look, touch and feel good. And so, yeah, we have two apps. One app came out a few years ago.

It was called I happy days. And it's an affirmation app that is based on the book that kind of was the best seller on Amazon for us which was called heaven is for everyone. And heaven is for everyone was a daily affirmation or 52 virtues, our soul. There is, however you describe that higher self of you.

The self it's always been the sacred self as we arrived on it today. Right? Whatever language you use, it has come to develop certain virtues. That's why we're here. And so the app is organized by 52 virtues for 52 weeks.  I can give you an example from today. Let's look at what it is today. How about that?

I happy daily. So this week we're doing the virtue of moderation. So July 28, affirmation for the merchant over the virtue of moderation is a moderate my food with grace and ease. I released the loud cravings and learn to hear my body's quiet request for the nutrients and supplements it needs. I nourish its nutritional needs with care.

I honor and love my body. This had getting stronger and healthier every day. This process is easy and I get better at it every day. I am moderate. I am. So the structure of the affirmation is built in your own quest stick affirmation. And then, because there's also an audio to it. There's an energy charge that went.

Person listens to it or reads it. They close their eyes. That charge goes through them. So it is more than an affirmation. It's an energy activation. That shift is palpable within their self-conscious mind. So of course the purpose for that whole app is to reclaim your happiness. And that was our baby. And the one that we're just about to release on Google it's released on apple is called.

I happy me and it's just my baby. I just love it. There is a free version to it, which is daily blessings. You take the phone, you shake it and a blessing that you stand in need of the most pops up for you. So let's can play. Let's do this. Let's see. Marcy needs the most right now let's shake it. So totally download this.

All right. Let's see. It says, wait, a miracle is in progress. May you be blessed with an optimistic outlook? May you see all the best and the highest, most optimal solutions? May you have wisdom to choose the best outcome and pursue it with strength, be blessed. So whatever, whatever you're kind of try to choose between, you've been blessed with the best at highest outcome cups.

So I love it. That part is free. And then. There are different parts that when you subscribe to the app, open up to you. I did study on grief. We found out that grief has 90 aspects, so there's a powerful, powerful part of it. That's called my grief that allows for you to work through every aspect. I've created 35 laws of money.

So there is a part that's called my money and every day, you know, you kind of shake it and the law for the money that you need pops up with an activation, a practical advice. And so that's just where it is now. We're going to be adding some videos with tapping, for releasing emotions, and we're going to be continually adding to the app while keeping it at a minimal subscription that makes it available to people in the world that can't afford paying.

Session fee or fancy subscription, or, you know, that, that, that are seeking for this help. And so I'm very excited about the apps because they are the answer to my question. How do I make what I do accessible and affordable to people that can't have it otherwise. So, wow. I'm so excited. Yay. Wow. Didn't even occur to me to like that, that people would create apps like.

And I have an affirmation out. Do you know what it's called? But  I subscribed to this thing. Oh, it's called. I am. And like once an hour or a few times a day or something, affirmations will show up. This one says today I will go today. I will go with the flow and live in the moment. But yeah.  You know,  for different, different, or they don't hit, you know, they hit or miss, you know, sometimes they're like, oh yeah.

And sometimes I don't even notice, but, that's interesting. Interesting. So, so the app, I happy daily goes with heaviness for everyone. Yeah. And that we offer that as the book itself with sub selling it and we offer it as a free gift. If you go to my, my gift,, you can have the book as a free download.

 And then, you know, if you wanted to get an app, I don't know what it is. 2 99 maybe now. It's and it's one time it's one time. Yeah, I have the daily's very cheap. And then I have to be me, we're working on and I, as I said, it's available in apple and I'm trying to remember, I think it's the subscription is dollar 99 a month probably, but blessings of free.

This is my stand blessings should always be free. Yeah. So they're not blessings on blessings. You also have a podcast that you're about to launch in the autumn. Yeah. Yes. Yes. I'm super excited about. Yes. All about the voice September 17th is when, when we're launching it. So, wow. I'm watching you as a host Marcy.

I am watching you as well. So the podcast is going to be. Aligned around four areas of really creating an abundant life, which is awareness, alignment, action, and abundance. So it's first becoming aware of your inner guidance and then aligning yourself with a choosing to listen to it because we've all know we've all had moments of pure genius and we either listened to our guts or God's voice.

However you describe it, or we chose to ignore it. And we know the difference in the outcome, right? So. From, from awareness to alignment. And then the next step is taking action through the fear, through the discomfort as aligned, and then just witnessing how the life of abundance in all areas of your life unfolds as a result of those.

So that is the purpose for the podcast. I've lived this principle in my life and it has really created a life of genuine abundance for me, you know? So to a point where I do what I do, cause I love. What I do. Not because it pays for not because it pays for my meals or from my roof over my head. Right. So will this be prerecorded like interviews or monologues or, and then what kind of guests are you gonna.

The guests I'm looking for are people that have trusted their inner guts and have found a version of the voice to listen to the best way to go with that concept of notice what you notice, uh, in terms of voice. I believe that the voices you listen to is the voice that dictates your life. So if you're listening to the neighbors, to the naysayers or to the scared self, that's the life you lead.

But if you listen to the divine, to the intuition, to that sacred, softer, the higher self to inspired people, that's the life that you create. And so every guest that we bring on is somebody who has chosen to listen to a very healthy voice in their life. That's beautiful. Yeah. Beautiful. And so that's, that starts September 7th.

Yes, can't wait. That's so exciting. I'm creating the four first sta like monologue episodes to describe what the podcast is about. So this is why I'm having my fancy equipment. Cause I'm all. Yeah. Put a lot of forethought into it. 

I was in the it's kind of funny. I was sitting in the social security administration parking lot because the long story short, I. It should be a citizen for 23 plus years, but they didn't have my status, you know, updated.

So I came an hour early and I was waiting for that. And I thought, oh, well, you know, I'll just look at my schedule. And I saw all them interviews I'm invited to do for podcasting. And that still small voice said, you should do a podcast as well. I'm like, okay. And then I heard all the other voices, right? My survival self.

You don't have time to do this. And then all of that clutter over 10 seconds. And then I said, okay, fine. I'll do it. Cause you were telling me to do it, but. What should be the name? And the name came in all about the voice. I said, grade, what should be date? And it was nine 17. So that's kinda, that's kinda that cookie crumbled.

And I'm now understanding why, you know, it's kind of go forward and then look back and amazement of how things have unfolded. And so thinking evolve as they evolve, but go in before you're ready. Just start to wait till you're ready in my, in my. In my experience.

If I wait until I'm quote unquote, ready, it doesn't happen. Yeah. Cause you've learned everything you had to learn. I have to go in the passion and just jump in with both feet and then figure it out. Beautiful. No, I think that's, that's the action part of the podcast. That is the action part. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Yeah. And you have a team, so it'll be easier. I'm sure you'll be able to delegate some of the responsibilities. I'm a one woman team. So, I've had to learn every aspect of this, but that's it, that's admirable. That's admirable. That really is in my, well, I know what I do. I do what I can. Yeah. Yeah. I don't have a lot of financial resources, so I can't sort of delegate out stuff, but I really, I'm driven to bring this message of healing and self responsibility and looking inward for all of the, the answers, and giving ourselves permission to live our best lives with them.

Reservation, you know, I'm, I'm like driven to bring this out to people. So it is what it is Toria. This was wonderful. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you. It was great. Great to be here with you. I had such a fantastic time. You have such beautiful energy and spirits. Thank you. You as well. So I will Link your website and quantum freedom and all about the voice.

And I happy me and all of that to the show notes. So if you're listening or watching on YouTube, just scroll down and we'll all be there.  Thank you so much, Victoria. This was fun. Thank you. No, I had a great time and, you know, off, off the record. I guess when I was starting to. I've found that you can, when you don't, when you're short on finances, when you barter talents, it's pretty amazing.

So, you know, you, I'm sure you have some phenomenal talents that other people can't afford. But they have talents that you need. And that's kind of how what's started me. What got me started on a lot of things in life, just kind of saying, you know, this is what I can offer. This is what I need. And then asking around and exchanging.

And that's how the app girl, I was doing healing for her physical healing. And she was creating my first app. And before, you know, I could ever afford to pay her. And so now I'm really implementing everything. I teach I'm in a position where, as I said, Do it, and I do it with joy, but that's not, that's not how I've started.

So, and bartering rocks,  awesome. 

Thank you so much, Victoria. This was great. Thank you. Thank you. It's great meeting you. Great doing it and I'll see you. I hope to see you soon. Absolutely. Thank you. Bye-bye. Okay.