Permission to Heal

Permission to Heal Episode #11 - A Conversation with Matchmaker and Dating Coach Dr. Holly Battey.

January 27, 2021 Marci Brockmann Season 1 Episode 11
Permission to Heal
Permission to Heal Episode #11 - A Conversation with Matchmaker and Dating Coach Dr. Holly Battey.
Show Notes

Dr. Holly is a Psychologist-turned-Matchmaker & Dating Coach who helps single men and women find love. Dr. Holly helps sincere, kindhearted, conscious single clients find the love of their dreams. With a doctorate in clinical psychology and a successful career in executive search, she is uniquely qualified to find your perfect match. She founded Find Love at Last in 2014 to help sincere women and men find lasting love and has been a matchmaker, coach, and image consultant for over 8 years. 

Dr. Holly is a dating expert and inspiring speaker who empowers, advises, and speaks on image, strategy, online dating, partner suitability, communication, and commitment. 

Her office is in San Francisco, California. Additionally, she brings more than 15 years of rich personal dating experience before finding the wonderful man with whom she is happily committed. She created this boutique love life agency to expedite your path to love.

Dr. Holly’s Message: "You were intended to have the love of your dreams. Don't stop searching until you find your One who thinks you're the One!”

Her Love at Last Masterclass helps conscious single women expedite their path to love in 90 days. Sign up for her free 5-day challenge--Finding Love During Lockdown.
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