Permission to Heal

Permission to Heal Episode #8 - A Conversation with Melissa Jones Wheeler about Empowering Young Girls

January 06, 2021 Marci Brockmann Season 1 Episode 8
Permission to Heal
Permission to Heal Episode #8 - A Conversation with Melissa Jones Wheeler about Empowering Young Girls
Show Notes

Melissa Jones is an inspiring girls empowerment coach and highly effective licensed classroom teacher who helps girls learn daily positive habits so they can feel confident in who they are and connect with other girls in an empowering environment.  She has been motivating and cultivating connections among hundreds of girls and providing families with resources she has gained through over 22,680 hours of experience.

After noticing patterns in girls across 4 different school environments related to struggles with self-esteem and confidence, and having struggled into adulthood with low self-esteem and lack of confidence and strategies herself, she now uses her personal transformation and research with experience-based strategies to elevate girls to live their best life while linking arms in a community centered around growth and empowerment. Melissa uses techniques that are responsive to the unique needs of each group of girls in creative and engaging activities that motivate girls to take action toward feeling confident and empowered focusing on their strengths instead of their challenges.

Through Girls Positivity Club,  Melissa works directly with elementary and middle school girls and their families by virtually creating positive communities of girls where she teaches lessons in confidence, positive daily habits, and learning how to have positive relationships with each other girls and family members.

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