Permission to Heal

Permission to Heal Episode #61 - A Conversation with Christy Whitman about Desire and Energy.

March 02, 2022 Marci Brockmann Season 2 Episode 61
Permission to Heal
Permission to Heal Episode #61 - A Conversation with Christy Whitman about Desire and Energy.
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"We must learn to give ourselves permission to want something better, to thrive and feel good because that's what the divine wants for us. The Desire Factor - is who we become in the process of all of these desires.  This book is a culmination of my past 20 years of work and the experiences that I've had within myself or with clients in these seven different principles." – Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman is a New York Times bestselling author, transformational leader, and author of many books including the newest – The Desire Factor.   

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PTH 61 Christy Whitman Intro 

[00:00:00] Hello everyone. And welcome to permission to heal. I am Marci Brockman, and I am so thrilled that you are here. Oh God. Today I interview, I have a nice delightful conversation and enlightening, energetic conversation with the author podcaster teacher, spiritual coach, amazing all around women. Christy Whitman  

[00:00:26] Christie has written a book called the desire factor. She has a podcast by the same name and she. Just is enlightening and inspirational. And shortly before our interview conversation, I was feeling exhausted and really desiring a nap. And within just a few seconds of chatting with her, I felt my entire energy shift. 

[00:00:55] And we talk a lot about how we can control. How we can call upon our energy. To help us achieve and create what we desire in our lives. Christy is a New York times bestselling author, a transformational leader. She's the author of a book, the art of having it all, which made it to the New York times bestseller list in 2015, her new book is the desire factor. She's helped thousands of people worldwide achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars or speeches, her coaching sessions and her products on her website. Christy  

[00:01:35] She's. An abundance of free course material to help you figure out how to give yourself permission to go after what you desire, permission to heal yourself, permission to lose weight, permission, to find a relationship permission to acquire an abundance of money or whatever it is that you desire. 

[00:01:58] It's all there. She's just miraculously. Life-changing. Her her messages reach over 125,000 people a month. And she has been promoted by and featured with esteemed authors and luminaries, such as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer Marci. Shimoff Brian, Tracy Neale, Donald Walsch, Abraham Hicks and Louise hay. 

[00:02:22] She lives in Montreal with her husband and their two boys. And all of the ways that you can reach her connect with. Can I find her we'll all be listed in the show notes. So scroll down and it is all there. 

[00:02:37] I'm so glad you're here for this conversation. So please. As always, if you like this episode, please give it a five star rating. Please give us a positive review, please like please share. 

[00:02:53] Please subscribe. Please send it to your friends. Please send it to your sisters or your brother to your children, where we all need this message that. We are the ones that are in control of our lives. We are the ones who have to give ourselves permission to live our best life, to heal, to get over the trauma, to figure out what it is that we desire and go after it. 

[00:03:20] It is up to us. No one else is coming to rescue us or to make us get off the couch and turn off Netflix. The only person who's going to do any of the work for you is you. That's just it. So I love you. And I'm so glad that you're here. Thank you very much. And here's the episode.

[00:00:00] So welcome to permission to heal. I'm so excited to have you here, Christie. I am so happy to be with you or see you. Thank you so much for having me. I'm awesome. You sounded excellent. Love the enthusiasm and the energy and it's wondering, well, I love what you're doing because it is really when you give yourself permission to heal, when you have the awareness that you have that decision point where you can make the decision, and then you give yourself that permission to heal and you move in a different direction. 

[00:00:28] That's when life changes. So, absolutely this is huge. Thank you. Yeah, it was, it was an epiphany of mine that I had in the winter of 2015. I was writing an article for elephant journal. And I was sort of examining my life. I was divorced. I was a single mom. I had two kids. My mother had just recently died a few years prior from opiate addiction, whatever. 

[00:00:51] And I was trying to figure out. Who in the freaking hell I was and what I wanted and where I was going to find meaning and joy in my life, besides my teaching job that I love. And besides being a mom that I love, but there needed to be something else. And in order to get to that spot, I knew I had a lot of healing to do, because I felt like I was an airplane, endlessly, circling an airport, waiting for permission to land. I couldn't sort of figure out how to find the balance. And I kept looking outside of myself for the permission, for the approval, for the whatever. And it was through the writing of that article. And specifically that line. That made me realize that the only person that was in charge of any of that, and the only person who was capable of doing any of that was myself. And that was the epiphany.  

[00:01:51] That's beautiful. And so true. Yeah. So true. You know what, how many people don't get that many people don't know.  

[00:01:59] My mother died, not knowing that. 

[00:02:00] Right.  

[00:02:02] I think it's what caused or led to, shall I say, contributing factor to her drug addiction. She didn't know in her heart of hearts that any of it was under her control from the time I was the smallest child, my parents were in counseling couples counseling because my mother was looking for somebody to tell her that she was not culpable in her own disappointment in her life. 

[00:02:29] In her own misery in her own dysfunctional marriage and her own anything. She wanted someone to tell her she was not culpable. She was not responsible. And she kept going from physician to doctor, to therapist, to therapist. Nobody was going to tell her that cause wasn't true. Right. And so 69 years of age and she still hadn't figured it out. 

[00:02:53] So I've made it my life's mission. To make sure that we know that it is a thousand percent up to us and that we're the only ones who can do it well,  

[00:03:05] similar to you. Similar and yet different. The circumstances are surrounding. It are different. My, I had a sister that was 11 years older than me and, and I still have a sister, but she transitioned 25 years ago by choosing to commit suicide. 

[00:03:20] And she also. Yeah, thank you. Oh, she also was a drug addict, but she had been clean. For about five years, but she had a really bad, I mean, really bad cocaine addiction, so, you know, same kind of thing. And she, she's still up to the day that she dies would, would smoke weed and you know, was drinking tons of coffee and just everything, everything that was outside of her, what I learned from my sister much, much, like you're saying, I watched. Literally grasp for things outside of her, from, from people to food, to drugs, to caffeine, to, I mean, to just anyone or anything that she was looking to avoid herself to avoid herself. And because she was wanting to avoid the pain that was in herself and looking outside of herself for that next fit. 

[00:04:21] Right. Right. And when she committed suicide, I remember saying to myself, it's like, she that's her life to live. I, and I, thank God. It was around that time that I started meditating. I started learning about what I now teach and started understanding that I'm not just this woman living in this place, doing this job. 

[00:04:42] That I'm more than that. And that w w well, actually more than me is breathing me. That that started becoming the journey and then learning about universal laws and understanding the difference between a lack or a victim consciousness or an abundant creator consciousness. For myself. I just started digging in long before the internet and all that. 

[00:05:06] Right. It just started digging in and attracting different teachers to me that I, you know, whether it was a book or someone would give me a tape or you know, something that led me, it was like spiritual breadcrumbs that led me to my awakening. Yeah. It's what it feels like. Right. And. And that time when she committed suicide, I threw myself fully in like full immersion into my spiritual energetic side. 

[00:05:35] Right. And, and being committed to releasing my pain and giving myself permission. And that's what I had to do is I, I had to say, listen, and I remember hearing, I remember hearing a tape as I would drive around. I listened to Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson. I re it was a cassette tape. It's a long ago. It was Oregon and I remember hearing Marianne say that whatever pain or whatever tears that we have inside of ourselves, that we have not released that's energy that's within us. And so she was saying, if you have 10 tears to cry and you only cry for as an example, right. There's six left and it's in there vibrant. And that that really hit me like, wow, I need to especially hearing that at the time that I heard it, I need to pay attention to it. So I gave myself permission to heal from the death of my sister, committing suicide from, from that situation. And I, that was my second book. I'd already written a book on it called perfect pictures. 

[00:06:39] And my second book was, how does she choose suicide? Or why did she choose suicide? And it was all about my journey of understanding and unraveling. The pain that was her pain. And what was my pain or what was my parents' pain? My mom's pain or my dad's pain. Epigenetic, intergenerational trauma. Yes. All of that. 

[00:07:03] And so I'm, I'm still, I'm more student than anything I always will be because there's always stuff that just continues to clear out, but I am so grateful. That I know what I know now, so that I was able to give myself that permission to heal so that I could continue to open up and expand who I really am so huge. 

[00:07:26] Exactly. What else is there? Nothing, you know, and, and it's a never ending journey, you know, you just, because I, I may have come to terms with. Who my mother was and why she did what she did or why my grandmother, why my great-grandmother, why, you know, I could go back for generations to unravel the trauma that started many generations ago in the pogroms in Russia, as Jews were being persecuted all over Europe, you know, and, and that festers down. 

[00:08:04] You know, trickles down through the generations and then, you know, great grandma living through the, living through the depression and, and having three of her babies die. And my grandmother watching her be her baby brothers die and having to raise her, her younger sisters and, and how my mom was sick. And you know, all this, all this suffering, all of the intergenerational suffering that caused people's behavior to be such that it was that they then affected. 

[00:08:32] The next generation with that and stuff was not spoken about. So if you were, you know, doing whatever you're doing, because that's the result of your own conditioning, your own, uh, paints prince. Exactly. Then, then that was it. So I don't think a single person in my entire family, except for my cousin who I'm now in conversation with about this w has ever really. 

[00:09:00] Examined this like, yeah. They're not crazy. They were just out of alignment. Yes, exactly. And then that trickles down to us, which, and finally, luckily, thank the heavens. We are having these conversations now. Yes. They're needed because it's, we're meant to live life and thrive and feel good. And yes, it's, you know, this, this place that we're in call it earth, you know, call it a human experience, the 3d, whatever you want to experience, call it. 

[00:09:35] Right. It has polarity. It has up and down. It has left and right, and out hot cold, you know, fear, love it's lack abundance. It has polarity and there's this whole entire spectrum. Of where we have the spectrum of either lack on one side or abundance on the other for every given subject, but all of that is within us and all of its program. 

[00:10:01] And if there are places that we have imprints, right, where we have a trauma. If we haven't released the energy of that, we stay stuck because the energy gets closed down and it like a caged lion. It continues to move and move and move and move and move. And then all of a sudden it becomes more textual. 

[00:10:23] If you will, it becomes magnetic. Two situations or circumstances or people that then, you know, it's like you create a play in your head and then all of a sudden you have to do casting for that play. It's like, they all come towards you. Right. You need the scenery, you know, you know, you're, you're doing the whole thing. 

[00:10:40] You're creating a movie and, and that's what we do from those traumas because they, they S they stick us in time. Right. It's like we can't grow past them because that it's like a big energy block. Right. I I've seen people cause I, I channel the councils. One of the things that I do besides, you know that, because I don't understand that. 

[00:11:01] And I hear you talk about it in your podcast and I'm like, it's a head-scratcher for me. I'm not understanding. Yeah. We, we can talk about that. Yeah. So it's wild for me because twenty-five years ago when I got into meditation, the woman that taught me meditation channel. And so her voice would change and I, and I just felt good to be in the presence of it. 

[00:11:22] So I never really questioned it. And I, and, and I wasn't really like, well, who, who are you channeling? And what is channeling? I mean, I, I just didn't even have that. I just knew that it felt really good. And I wanted more of the Kool-Aid right. It was like, this feels good, so I'm gonna resonate with it. So it just became something that was very normal. 

[00:11:40] I even, um, within a year, And it was actually the weekend that my sister committed suicide. I had traveled to Ashland, Oregon with my two meditation therapists teachers. And we went to a meditation retreat where the two people were literally channeling right. And in front of me and that, and that was like, we ha we set a healing space. 

[00:12:04] And then all of a sudden that was the exact time of day that my sister committed suicide. The hairs on my arms are standing. Oh, I have stories that of my sister that I could, I could do a whole podcast on the freaky stuff with my sister. Um, yeah. It's it's yeah, but channeling. Literally like we all are a multi-dimensional being, obviously we are, there are layers and levels to who we are as far as consciousness. 

[00:12:35] And yes, we are that, you know, third dimensional the roles of how we identify ourselves. You know, you do this or you do that. Are you married? Are you not? Are you single? Are you female? Are you male? You know, all of these things, great resume stuff. Exactly. Right. So that's that and how we kind of live and navigate in this kind of game board of life, right? 

[00:12:56] These are the personas that we've taken on, but we are all of one. We are a soul self and the soul goes with us from lifetime to lifetime. And then there's the, multi-dimensional where everything comes from the creator it's pure. And that very energy is breathing us because we, it it's life. It's what's beating our hearts. 

[00:13:21] We don't even have to beat our own hearts. Right. You know, we can affect the speed or the rate of our heart beating. If we run, we can increase our heart rate, but we can't just go, okay, wait, let me stop. And we, and thank God. We don't have to go. Let me want me to stop a minute. Right? Exactly. Thank you divine for leaving that off the, to do list, 

[00:13:46] you know, so it's that energy that is breathing us. So is we don't have to go anywhere to tap into it, to connect with it, to feel it, to become one with it, to align with. And that's where healing begins, because it's, when you can feel those pain parts, you have to be present within yourself. You haven't have to have enough willingness to stop chasing all those other things just for a moment to turn within and just even listen to your divine partner, your heartbeat. 

[00:14:22] I mean, just by even by putting your hands on your heart and just letting that be. And, and, you know, let your whole entire body just pulsate with that bead and then realizing that the breath is doing it too. Thank God. We don't have to put that on her to-do list too. Right? We can, we can take a deliberate breath and deliberate breath out, but it's going, whether we're conscious of it or not just like gravity, we don't have to sit here and think, okay. 

[00:14:50] Gravity in order for our bodies to stay grounded on the chair, it's happening. Whether we're talking about it or not, whether we are aware of it or not. Right, right. And it's always happening. So just like that, it's universal, right? It's an earthly universal law that happens for every single person, just like that. 

[00:15:12] Each one of us has the law of sufficiency and abundance, meaning that who we are just the very makeup of the life that we are is about. It doesn't know any lack, doesn't know suffering, it doesn't know illness. It doesn't know a pandemic. It doesn't know vaccines. It doesn't need to, because it vibrates at a rate of wellbeing, love, abundance, and success and everything that comes in spirals off of that. 

[00:15:41] That's where it vibrates that it's vibrating within us. So how do we tap into. Just even, like I said, just touching your heart and eating with your heart, realizing and having that awareness of what it's not just a heart beating. What's beating the heart because think about it long after we leave the bodies, like say that we transition, right. 

[00:16:03] That the life force has gone out of our bodies. The heart still remains. Sure. So what is it? That's beating heart. That's what we want to connect with and that's our energy. That's that's what circulating our blood. That's what's helping the, the mind a few weeks ago, I interviewed a woman named Dr. Karen Herrick and she's an energy healer until I was a lot with the biofield. 

[00:16:28] Is that the same thing that you're talking? Yeah, similar, similar, but it probably indifferent. Discuss. Cause I don't know her worst. No. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So for myself and for listeners there, there probably is a lot of mesh points between the two concepts as what I'm saying. Yeah. Here's what you can kind of connect the dots for yourself. 

[00:16:50] Cause obviously, you know, we had a conversation with her the way I like to look at it, or the council talks about it is that we are energy receivers. We have. Just like we breathe in, we breathe out. We are always receiving in energy. We are energy containers, so we need to hold a certain amount of energy. 

[00:17:09] We do that. And some people feel very, very depleted with the amount of energy that they have and that's where they feel depleted. So now let me go get a cigarette or caffeine or a soda or a donut or a line or a smoke, or, you know, whatever it may be outside of ourselves. Right to make ourselves feel better. 

[00:17:30] And when we can sit with that place within us and let that understand that underneath all of it is energy and we can pull sate out by just being present with it. We could feel the energy moving out of our bodies. We can then that block, we can then release that. I just want to give example, so the council is where I am right now is that I've gotten rid of most of the sugar I've gotten rid of the caffeine. 

[00:17:59] I don't smoke. I don't drink. You know, like that's just an, I it's like an Adam ant song. Goody. Two's good, too. Good. 

[00:18:10] Do you remember that song 

[00:18:15] was like eighth grade and I'm with you? Yes, I am. With grade 

[00:18:23] I'm facing the point where I just totally lost my train of thought where that's, where you're stuck at. Is that where you're, that I'm stuck. Like I was dressed before this interview. I was sitting on the couch. I'd been up since five. You know, taught all day, read a bazillion essays, came home. Printed out my research stuff for you for this interview. 

[00:18:46] And I came on, was sitting on the couch and I'm like, all right, I have 20 minutes until the UN all I was thinking was I'm going to fall asleep. If I sit here anymore and I was breathing and I was listening to myself and I was like, dammit, I wish I could have a cup of coffee, but I gave caffeine up four months ago. 

[00:19:01] You know? So here's the, here's what you could do next time. You got 20 minutes for yourself. Sit down, close your eyes and feel as if you're standing under. A waterfall of light. Like you, like, you just got in the shower and you turn on the shower and you've got this just shower, head of light, just dripping down you and you just can let yourself feel. 

[00:19:23] Energized like you can command the energy of that to be a joy, to be of vitality, to be of abundance, whatever you want to feel and allow yourself to just be filled with that up. And you can, you could just imagine every single cell in your body are like little tiny cups and they're all being filled to the rim because when we understand that we're energy receivers, that the energy is always there to choose. 

[00:19:52] We can receive in that energy and then we can expand it into our entire biofield. Right. The quantum field, the energetic field are others called our aura or theoric body, the energy body beyond our body. Okay. And that's, we can then expand into that and feel that container. So when you're in that container, Right. When you're bringing that energy and you're expanding that container, you feel the energy going beyond, then it, it affects your consciousness and what, and what's our consciousness. 

[00:20:25] It's the words that we say, the thoughts that we think it's the perspectives that we hold. It's the, the emotions that we have and then the actions or the behaviors that we take when you are first playing with the undercurrent of energy, from what you're receiving it and containing what comes out. Right. 

[00:20:44] You want all that comes out of you because then that creates an energetic relationship with every Tom, Dick and Harry with every person place or thing with every situation experience. Because we have it, our reality vibrates as we do. So if want our reality to raise in vibration in forms and whatever it could be, financial, abundance, success, whatever that may be, right. 

[00:21:07] We're the center of our own multi-verse. So we must raise and have a higher set point in vibration for the rest of it. 

[00:21:17] Wow. That does make a lot of sense. I'm glad I'm like I have to process this, but that makes a lot of sense. So when I sit there and I'm like, oh, I'm so tired. I'm really just telling that energy to get, to get the F out. I'm not actually allowing anything in. I'm not asking for it to show up. I'm not allowing it to pour in. 

[00:21:43] I'm just blocking it and making myself. Well, you're doing, let's look at that. Cause that's a really good question. If you look at it like a spectrum on one side of the spectrum is lack, which lack always feels bad. It could be even just seeing that I'm tired. Right? I don't feel energized. I'm tired. So that perspective of being in lack, right then it's like we go into, oh my God. 

[00:22:05] Now I got to do this. I know this. And it comes the sheds and the half dues and the autos and you know, which then continues to spiral us down into feeling tired. Instead. I remember when I started channeling the council full on because I've been channeling them for years, but full on, over three years ago when I was walking into a grocery store that I would go to sometimes twice, most of the times, twice, sometimes three times a day, just to go get a cup of coffee. 

[00:22:33] And I was walking in and I could feel myself. I'm like, I am so tired. And the council said, stop, turn, turn back and go to your car. So I went in my car, I had. And they said, feel yourself being energized. And it just, like I was saying to you, it's like, feel the energy of what it would feel like right now. 

[00:22:51] You don't feel it, but what would it feel like to be energized, to have full vitality, to have so much energy? You don't even know what to do with, and I started to resonate with it because that energy is already within me. It beats my heart. Right. So I started to feel that, and then all of a sudden I was like, okay, I was about to get out of the car. 

[00:23:12] And I'm like, I don't, I don't need it now. And I went home. Right. Yeah. And, and I stopped, I don't even know how long Helene has been like three years now that I stopped drinking coffee too, because same thing it's like, I don't need it. It's not something that. I need a pick me up because what I look at is if I'm feeling tired, I stop. 

[00:23:34] And I, I listened to my body. I give it some time to rest, but I give it energy. Cause that's what it's really wanting. It either wants to sleep and rest and have, you know, and that's what we do at night. Right. But in the days when we feel we need a little pick me up, it's kind of like a little short energy. 

[00:23:52] You know, it's funny when you think about it. It's not, some energy is not something it's like a diploma, right? It's like I went to Arizona state university, I got a diploma. I never have to go back. I don't have to do creditation hours or anything like that. I have that diploma. I can say I have a BS in communication is the degree from the liberal arts college of Arizona state university. 

[00:24:14] Right. That's for everyone. Right. Energy is not like that. And either our bodies up and flows all the time. All the time. Yeah. When you think about our very bodies, like right, we eliminate all day long. We need to drink something all day long. We need to fuel our bodies with food all day long. Every night we need to get sleep. 

[00:24:33] And energy is one of those pieces that people just don't even know about and don't even focus on because until the last several decades, Did it become more mainstream or even, you know, more understood even. Right. And it's, it's imperative because we're more energy than we are physical, I guess. That's true. 

[00:25:00] Wow. Okay. So let's let my brain a little time to percolate on that and let's talk about. Your book and the podcast have the same name, the desire factor, which I love. I think we all desire things all the time, but need to figure out. How to get them, bring them, achieve them, invite them, you know, hug them into our lives. 

[00:25:29] Yes, yes, exactly. Yes. We even have desire factor coaches that have been certified and trained to take everybody through the process too. It's a, it's amazing. It's this process is. It takes. And I've had people, one woman that says I've been doing metaphysical studies for over 50 years. And I got rid of all my books and she said, I just, I get books dropped into my lap when I need to read it. 

[00:25:53] And she goes in your book, the desire factor is metaphysical gold. And I was like, wow, right. I was like mazing right to here. And I hear that a lot because it's a channel book from the council. It's with my experiences of going through this, the step-by-step process for the 25 years, I've been doing this with myself. 

[00:26:15] And so many people from metaphysical perspective are doing it in the wrong order as I used to and guide kind of. Lip and don't have a depth of understanding of the principles. And so when they came through, this is one of our first assignments was to create this seven step process, which is like a padlock, you know, the numbers need to go in order in order to open. 

[00:26:39] This gives this literally and why it's so dynamic is because it literally is the exact, it just, it just microscopically looks at each of the energetic steps that has to happen for something to manifest in a sense, meaning how does the energy flow and then how do we, as the container process that flow I think I understand that. 

[00:27:06] So here's the here, here's what I'm saying. Let me ground this a little bit. We get an idea, right. And then what great examples. So, yeah. Yeah. Perfect. So we got an idea, we say, huh? Oh my gosh, wouldn't it be great to build our dream home. Right. And you get this random idea. Great. And then you go, oh, I love to do that. 

[00:27:29] You know, we could do that. It's time to do that. No, we could do. And then you start thinking about, oh yeah. And you get excited about it. You tell someone else and they're like, why would you ever want to do that? Are you too old to do that? Or, you know, like they can influence us in the wrong way. Right. And then we go, yeah, you're right. 

[00:27:46] I probably shouldn't. And then the, the, the, the desire, right. Or we get the idea, we get all excited about it. Emergency breaks. Kicks on and then you stop moving. Exactly. Good, good visualization. Yeah. Or the idea comes in. We get all super excited about it, but we do nothing with it. We don't energize it up. 

[00:28:09] We don't put our mental, our mental focus on it. It just, as quick as it came in, it just goes out because it's not being caught. It's not being contained. Right. A lot happens to a lot of us, a lot. Then there's what the desire factor is really showing us is the way, not the way it's supposed to be, but the way if there's absolute alignment and there's no interference. 

[00:28:37] And even when there is interference, I'll explain this in a minute, what to actually do. So you get this design, you get this idea and you go, and it's the minute we go. Yes. That's when it becomes a decision. And that desire then create something. It creates space, it creates expansion. And then. W I feel that when you say that, I feel I can feel it in front of me. 

[00:29:01] Okay. Yeah. It could be like, Hey, let's go to dinner tonight at this restaurant. It's like, whoa, you know, you move and start moving into it. Then you're like, Ooh, what am I going to order? Right. Whatever the desire may be. It could be to go on this fabulous trip that you've been wanting to go on. It doesn't matter. 

[00:29:17] It could be a purse that you wanted or creating a movie or creating a business or creating a podcast. Whatever that desire is, you get it. You feel it, and that's the first process of it. That's the first step is you're aligning with it. You feel the expansiveness of it. The second part of the process is the focus because we have these minds, these mental faculties that are so amazing. 

[00:29:42] And as we choose to move our focus deliberate. Only in the direction of that desire, not on what can't happen or shouldn't happen or won't happen or why it can't happen. But the mental focus becomes on your, on that. Right. You're seeing yourself with those down. Ready doing it, right? Yes. You're seeing yourself enjoying doing it and you're loving it. 

[00:30:06] Well, the third then is there's always going to be a gap because the mind has to say, well, wait a minute. I know you want that. And I know that you can see yourself doing that, but get back to reality. How are we, how are we going to get from here to there? What's the process. It's the, how, the, what the, why the, where the, the mind kicks in and goes. 

[00:30:27] Right. And that's where we, again, need to say, I w it's all coming. Details are coming right now. I'm just going to focus on expecting it, like my I'm expecting it, but I'm joyfully expecting it. That's the step is the third step is joyful expectations. Right. You you're aware you don't have it in your reality right now, but you know, that that's what you want to create and you're excited. 

[00:30:53] And by the anticipation of it, by the you're joyfully expecting it. Right. And as you then get into that energy of that, you start feeling it. And that's where the fourth principle comes in. That's the principle of having, when you can actually feel the energy of. Right. You can feel the success. You could feel the abundance, you can feel the creativity, you could feel the freedom, whatever that energy is, you feel that vibrational match to it. 

[00:31:22] And that's important because you're not lacking it anymore. You're not coming from I'm so desperate. I want this thing there. One's on one side of the spectrum of. The fulfillment of on it is on the other side of the spectrum is too far of a vibration to right. Collaborate. Right. You know, I would love to do that, but I'm never going to be able to, then you're never going to get there exactly because you've already closed down the profitability and the, the flow of the energy, it, everything is just closed down. 

[00:31:52] That's why, why I did a whole series. And I'm not sure if you're aware of this Marcy, but it's called watch your words. And I did this because for years, you know, I've been talking to and radios and podcasts and TV for a very long time talking about this stuff. And the thing is that people say to middle kid, give me a practical way that we can apply this. 

[00:32:11] And I'd always say, watch your words. Yeah, it's got to start with our internal monologue. Absolutely. The aughts, the should is the half dues. The tries that, you know, don't not know all those. I created a 30 day free video programs called watch your You can go there and all of your listeners can listen to it. 

[00:32:31] But you'll love it. Every day. You get a short two, two to four minute video of the word of the day. Why to eliminate that word or phrase from your vocabulary, what it's doing to you vibration. And then what to do and what to say instead. And it's remarkable what happens in people's lives because it's those little tiny shifts that makes the huge, that it makes the biggest difference. 

[00:32:53] So now you're in the space of having. Right now you want to bring in the master vibration, which is love. So you want to love how it feels to have that vibration. You want to love the freedom. You want to love the abundance you want to love the, whatever the energy is you want to like, appreciate it and have gratitude for it. 

[00:33:14] Those are the highest vibrations, right? To, to really conjure up that energy inside of ourselves and to love. And then the next is to surrender, surrender. Any resistance, surrender, any thoughts? It says you can't do it. Surrender any belief that may come up surrender any energy that might be stuck. This is where the energy work comes from is just, it's surrendering it over to the divine life partner that gave you that idea in the first place, we were just the receivers of it. 

[00:33:44] Right? And then the last is take action. You have to take action because we're the physical counterpart to the non-physical. So when you get an idea, you've got to move, move it and do it, not half assed, do it with the fullness of your being like do it with a full intention of success because that is divinely designed. 

[00:34:09] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. When, when I got the idea to write my book, I just put pedal to the metal, bought myself a new computer and started fricking writing. And. I wrote, I had a schedule. I wrote every single day, some days I wrote 7, 8, 9 hours in a row because I was just in flow and I just kept doing it and I didn't stop until the damn thing was published. 

[00:34:30] And that was the end of that. And people are like, well, how did you do that? I'm like, I just did it. Yes. I didn't know how at first. And I figured it out as we were going, you know, same thing with the podcast. I had this idea. That was inspired by a guest speaker in one of my English classes. And it was like the heavens shot me in the head with a lightning bolt. 

[00:34:55] And it was like, you have the skills, you have the equipment, you have the mission. What the freaking hell are you waiting for? Go. And that afternoon I sat and I wrote the whole plan for how this was going to go. And within a week I was live amazing. So. As you gave yourself permission, right? 

[00:35:16] Exactly. I gave myself permission to help other people find to how to give themselves permission. So, and to look for the answers where I don't know the answers, which is why I interview all you. Amazing smart people, you know, 

[00:35:32] are you in trouble? No, I'm kidding. 

[00:35:38] So. Clarify for me. What you mean when you say you're you're channeling the council? Yes. So my consciousness, you know, like when, where our consciousness goes, when we go to. No. Where does it go? Who knows it's asleep, right? Oh, I thought you'd know. No, I don't know. But there's a place that we all go to. We go to 

[00:36:12] where, you know, you don't go every night when you go to sleep. That's where I go. When I check. So the same place who the heck knows, but I literally it's like I close who Christy and my consciousness down and I open up, I can't, I can't explain the other, any other way. I open up to a higher vibration and then my, and I hear this a lot from, and this used to happen to me when I first started medicine. 

[00:36:40] I would hear my meditation teacher bring me in and then I would just go out and then I would hear her bring me out. And in a group setting, people would be like, oh my God, that was so amazing. I saw the stairway to heaven. I met go out there and you know, they be talking about these different, incredible journeys that they saw. 

[00:36:57] And I'm like, I have blank. Like I went nowhere. Right. And, and that's what happens with me. So I go, nowhere, they come in and then they start speaking through me. It's like, You would have some sort of psychic connection to energy beyond our physical comprehension or something. Yes, that's a, that's a good way to say it. 

[00:37:20] It's never been said that way before. It's, it's a very high energy and vibration that comes through me and then is translated into words that guide and make people laugh and heal people because they have infinite wisdom. I mean, Amazing when they first started doing this, there are times where we're, I'm, I'm interrupting you. 

[00:37:42] I'm sorry. There are times when I'm meditating and it doesn't happen all the time where I'm, it actually doesn't happen when I use guided meditations. It only happens when I do it on my own. And, and I'm, I can sort of feel myself. I don't want to say imploding, but turning in. 

[00:38:04] And then I have what I call like meditative Epiphanes where all of a sudden something that I may or may not even have been thinking about becomes clear. And when I come out of it or I, you know, wake up or whatever, I have a very clear, like little gift for myself. Like, oh, that's the solution to that problem, or this is what I'm going to do. 

[00:38:32] And, and then I go and I do it, but it only happens when I allow myself to be quiet and still, and focus inward and get rid of as many external distractions. Possible makes you wonder why you don't do that more. It doesn't mean you just had an epiphany. You're like, wait, that happens each and every, but why don't I do that more? 

[00:39:00] No, exactly. With the intention of allowing that to happen, but I. But I wanted it too badly. Got it. Thinking about the red cat you were attached to it. Yeah, I was attached to it and yeah. So, so it's even surrendering all of that and all the mind desire of that and all that. And just allowing yourself to be in that, in that space, because it really is what I do as a Chandler is literally just, I allow. 

[00:39:30] My self to leave and allow that energy to come in. But what's funny is 25 years ago, again, when my meditation teacher just met me and we were talking, she said to me, she goes, you're a channeler. And I had no idea what she meant. I was like, okay, great. You know, and, and still like the development to where I ha I now am literally. 

[00:39:49] Gaining out of my body and consciousness is coming through. They're able to heal people and they see things that just like, they just did a healing for a meditation series on healing, the nervous system. And it's incredible, like the leading edge information and stuff that they can see things. And this has happened over and over and over again where they see an energy imprint inside someone's field. 

[00:40:15] And they say that that imprint happened. You were about four and a half years old and the person goes, oh my God, that's when my parents got a divorce or this happened when you were six, almost seven years old. And then, and then they just, I mean, you start crying because they're like, oh my God, that's when we moved from one side of the country to the other side, or, you know, that's. 

[00:40:38] Sexually abused or that's when this happened or that, you know, some trauma, the trauma. And this is when my mom died. This is when right. And when they release it, Years and decades of just holding on to that energy is like it releases from the body. The stress gets away from the body. People ask them, have you had a facelift or you get some work done? 

[00:41:03] What are you doing? You're like, you're looking younger, right? People lose weight because you're not defending against that energy. And really any excess weight in the body is resistance. So when you release the resistance from even the trauma and the pain, Right, right. It's like, you're just now back in alignment. 

[00:41:23] That's what we're talking about is coming back in alignment with what already exists within you right now. And that's your love body. That's your light body. And the more you release the trauma or the pain body, the more you can move into your light body. I had, I, I was teasing my, my tribe the other day because someone says, send in a question and said, I am involuntarily. 

[00:41:45] Smiling is this normal? And I said, 

[00:41:54] so the next day I was like, oh my God, it's a, it's a pandemic. You don't know what's happening in volunteering, dancing and singing is happening, you know? It's that's what happens because you just feel so aligned and you feel life force flowing through you that you do spontaneously. Do a comedy routine for your family because you feel funny or because you're dancing and you're making them laugh or, you know, you're creative and having all these amazing ideas come through, but life, life feels life force flowing through us. 

[00:42:27] Feels good. Yeah. Yeah. It's the best high you'll ever have. There is no. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all try to chase the, that high with other things. Never to get there only to, you know, it's like, we're trying to fill it up, fill up some kind of void. And the only thing that can fill it up is light how's that energy is that life. 

[00:42:51] And you can also feel that I think through the sort of a transfer with other people. You know, like even through zoom, I felt that with you, the minute we turned the zoom on, you know, I was downstairs on the couch crashing and I came up here and I'm like wide awake, ready to dance. You know, I'm like that way in front of my classes, sometimes most of the time. 

[00:43:14] Well, and what you're saying, let's talk about that mercy, because we, like I said, we are energy receivers, right. So if we are not deliberately hooking up right. And bringing in the energy that we want. If our container is say tired or just isn't feeling energized. When we get around, other people say someone has a really high vibe now you're like, woo. 

[00:43:37] You're taking in that energy. And you're like, Ooh, I feel good. Right. But the same thing. Think about when you walk into a room and someone's being negative, or there was something that just happened and you can feel that. Like that very low black hole of that right there. Gorgeous opening here. Right. It's like that, that energy and that energy can also then affect us. 

[00:43:58] So that's why, when you master your own energy, I mean, I could be walking my dog and all of a sudden I can just stop. And feel like just a portal of energy, just flowing through me and I just let myself feel expanded and then it takes 10 seconds. And then just start walking again. I mean, sitting at a stoplight, you know, being under the shame in your shower, I mean, anywhere sitting on the toilet, drinking glass of water, there's always an opportunity to let in the energy that you command, that you ask, that you are allowing yourself, giving yourself permission to receive in. 

[00:44:37] Huh who knew? You know, I think, I think in a lot of respects, I think that so many of us sort of scratch the surface. Yeah. You know, like we, we read, we hear, we will listen to podcasts. We're watching people were, you know, taking in information from all sorts of places and because of the relentless hamster wheel of life, we don't always get to connect the dots or process or, you know, really fully understand the, the idea and how to implement it in our lives. 

[00:45:17] And. Why it's important and what it's going to do for us and so on. And I, I think I can only really speak for myself, but I feel like sometimes I'm just chasing down. Something that I'm sort of triangulating with a lot of things, but not quite getting there. That's what the desire factor helps readers do is that you understand where the desire comes from the first place and really what the develop, what a desire is purposes. 

[00:45:46] And it's really to, yes, as a human, we get to live in the house, we get to drive the car, we get to have the money, or we get to have the plate, you know, the kids or the partner, whatever it is that we deserve. We get to have that human experience. We get to fill our belly with that pasta dinner, whatever it is, but it's who we become in the process. 

[00:46:05] Of all of these desires. And that's why this book is, you know, a culmination of my past 20 years of work and the experiences that I've had within myself or with clients in these different principles. Now organized with the counsel's information on, we want to desire. It's people that are flat that we're like, oh, I'm fine. 

[00:46:27] I don't desires are creative and we're creators. And if we're not in alignment with our creativity, Then we feel flat. We feel like the joy has been sucked out. We feel like we're complacent. And that's what a lot of people right now are doing. These last, you know, almost two years it, it was like a slow down, everything, stop, everything, slow, slow, slow. 

[00:46:48] And it's like a rubber band that just literally got pulled back really, really slow. And then this last year has been like pew, right? I mean last year was like a slow down and this year I didn't even know it was an, I didn't even know it was Thanksgiving until a week before Thanksgiving. I went, how did that, like, what, how did that happen? 

[00:47:06] Right. Where'd the speedup happened, but yeah, but my point is what was my point? I don't know. I had to point to something it's all energy down. Speed up. I don't know. It's it's all energy. 

[00:47:19] And when we can move with the energy with the flow, you know, it's like we get to, we get to decide. How we want to feel in our lives, regardless of what's going on in our world. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. You could. All of the things that you want in your life and just decide, you're going to feel like shit and you'll feel like shit. 

[00:47:42] Or you could have nothing that you think you might want and decide you want to feel fabulous and then you'll feel fabulous. Right? It's all what you're saying. It's your permission, your permission to heal. It's your permission to allow what it is that you desire, but it all starts with getting clear. 

[00:47:57] What, what you desire, what would you love in all aspects of your life? Because then the next thing is, do you believe that you could have it, do you believe you're deserving? And I think at least for me, the PR the practice of this would come through my journaling. I've been journaling since 1983. And. Not only do I vent, you know, all the stuff that I want to just get off my chest, but I also dream and plan and make lists of things. 

[00:48:25] You know, like when I was dating in between marriages, you know, what did I want out of my life? And I made a list of the criteria of a life partner. I made a list of what I wanted my life to look like. I made a list of what I wanted it to feel like, you know, whatever those things are. And it helps me get clear. 

[00:48:45] Or clearer on what, what the hell it is that I want to do with my time on earth, in this three-dimensional body? You know? Absolutely. And I think that there's, like I said, a minute ago, like so much going on in our adult world, you know, we're constantly being inundated by information and. There's so much responsibilities and there's so much to do. 

[00:49:10] And, you know, uh, and sometimes, you know, it's too overwhelming and I take a retreat and I veg out in front of the TV and binge watch a whole series of something because I'm avoiding not knowing, you know, and my brain is that's no, I think we all need to take a little respite now and then. From ourselves read. 

[00:49:36] Agreed. We need to take those moments of just receiving in energy and you know, just feeling good because it's all, like you said, it's just a, it's a choice. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm definitely going to not only link in the show notes, the watcher thing, but I think I'm going to. Start that tonight. It cause he will love it, really working on my own internal monologue. 

[00:50:05] Cause I've been, this has been years now and I've gotten a lot better, but I still catch myself saying horribly negative derogatory things to myself that I would never in a thousand trillion, billion, quadrillion years ever say to another human being. And ended up and it all starts inside of ourselves. 

[00:50:28] Well, it all starts inside of ourselves. You know, it's like if we're practicing kindness within, we're going to even have more of a, a deeper expansion of energy without, right. Right. Self love is everything. Amen. And it, and it's not just the little self, it's the big self it's, it's being an appreciation and gratitude of what's breathing us and who we are and what we get to experience. 

[00:50:58] And I mean, there's always a moment to be grateful for something how yeah. Even if it's just that you were able to open your eyes that morning. Yeah. You know, breathing, we're breathing. We have a shot at doing this shit again and again and again. 

[00:51:21] Well, this is wonderful. Thank you so much for being here. I was so excited about this interview on getting to chat with you And I'm like, I'm great right now. Grateful for zoom. Cause otherwise this kind of stuff wouldn't happen. Yes, absolutely. Well, thank you for all that you're doing, because it is an important message that you're putting out there, mercy, because unless we give ourselves permission, permission comes from freewill and all of us that's who all of us have been given free will. 

[00:51:45] So we get to choose. We get to say, yeah, I give my permission. I gave myself permission to. And to struggle and to be in chaos and drama. And we give ourselves that permission, not knowing what we're doing it, but, or we give ourselves precious. They know I'm going to pivot and I want something better for myself. 

[00:52:01] I'm going to thrive and feel good because that's what the divine wants for me. Absolutely. I think that's the best place to stop. So your books are available wherever books. Yes. You certainly get them online. They will be links to everything about Christy Whitman, our websites, her books, her podcasts, everything in the show notes. 

[00:52:20] So if you're not driving scroll down and you can see it all there. If you're driving, then you'll just have to bookmark it and wait until you park your car. You know, we don't want anyone crashing. That's not good. but thank you so much for being here. This was great. Thank you so much for having me. 

[00:52:35] I appreciate it.